Bognor Results Page

Our first meeting of Bognor Backgammon club on the 12th of August attracted 8 players and we had some friendly 1 point all play all matches with a couple of 5 point matches for those with experience of using the doubling cube.

We have had several players turning up for some friendly matches and we are always welcoming to new players who want to learn or improve their match play. We can still play some friendly 1 point matches for anyone who would rather a bit more practice playing without the cube before taking on some longer matches. For anyone looking to play more there is the a new league starting up for Sussex players along the lines of the very successful London League which has proved to be very popular over the last few years.

Could there be a better setting for an evening of fun then overlooking the sea with a pint as dusk falls with Trevor and landlord Barrie doing battle here.

Backgammon players at the Waverley.

Bognor Backgammon players at the Waverley Pub.

We have now started the first tournament it is a league all play all in 7 point matches and there is a website set up to keep a all the results for this here.

database, at new players can gain a ranking here too.