Bognor Tournament for 2018


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Sponsors Hepworth Brewery have agreed to supply us with a case of their beer and presentation pack and Biba will offer a free lifetime membership to the winner once again, thank you both sure it will help the tournament be as successful as it was last year. Dal Negro have agreed to sponsor this event with 340 euro backgammon board so there will be a fantastic prize which will be awarded to the best placed person who has paid the £5 qualifying fee and agree to an email from Dal Negro about their backgammon products. In light of this I am going to adjust the prizes a little and open up another section for players graded under 1500 on 06/10/18 on to win some extra money. There will be a 8 player 1 point knockout with £30 for the winner and £20 for the runner.

This is the board that must be won by someone entering this tournament and paying just £5 to be in with the chance of being the highest placed finisher in the main event. This is a real top quality backgammon board the pieces glide over the Italian leather like a dream and the only request for this generous donation is the email address of the players so you can get more special offers from Dal Negro.


Details for the The 2nd Sussex Challenge Cup Tournament on the Saturday, 11 am (registration for entering the board pool and side pools will be open from 10 am on the 13th of October 2018.

After successfully arranging the 2017 tournament I am pleased to hold this popular 1 day tournament again this year on the above date, details will follow shortly when I have been able to check more information but I will be looking to arrange it for 32 players again.

The cost for the 2nd Sussex Challenge Cup 2018 will be £30 entry and £20 early registration (after the 6th of October 2018 registration will be £25)

32 X £30 should produce a total of £960 prize fund. If there are less than 32 players the prize fund will be reduced accordingly.

The registration is to cover a buffet lunch that will be provided during the day and free tea and coffee which will be available to all the players. There will also be prizes for the winners and runner ups in the Main, Consolation and Last Chance tournaments.

Main Event prize fund distribution based on the full 32 entrants. I will supply engraved glasses for winners and runner ups in the main elements and there will be Champagne, Prosecco, Wine and Beer for the various winners too as well as some spot prizes. For anyone wishing to win this backgammon board for just a £5 qualification fee it will be awarded to who finishes best. If neither finalist has paid the £5 but both Semi-finalists have they will have to have a play off to decide who wins it.

Winner £250 plus a Lifetime Membership of Biba + Bibafax Magazine via PDF download from the British Isles Backgammon Association.

Runner £150

3 & 4th placed £60 each

Consolation Winner £125

Consolation Runner up £75

Last Chance Winner £100

Last Chance Runner up £60

Under 1500 ranked players 1 point Knockout, Winner £30

Under 1500 ranked players 1 point Knockout,Runner Up £20

Best performance for a player Graded less than 1600 in the UKBGF ranking at the time of the tournament and who progresses the furthest in the main event (shared if more than 1 in the same round, ie no tie break) prize of £30. Providing they don’t actually become the winner or runner up in the main or consolation element of this tournament, in which case it will go to the next best finisher who hasn’t won a major prize as this helps to share the winnings to as many players as possible.

The side pools open on all elements will be £5, £10 and £20 but the £5 will exclusive so if you enter this you can’t enter any other, the £10 and £20 will be open to all so you can enter either or both or none in the 3 main tournaments. There will be an optional £5 side pool in the under 1500 knockout tournament which will be paid to the highest finisher who has enter this pool.

Thanks for the support last year and I really hope 2018 will be another successful day by the sea.

Please use the link below if you want to pay and book your place in this tournament.

Take me to the payment page for the SCC 2018

Beginners Tournament
As there are some players who have expressed an interest in this tournament but haven’t much experience with the doubling cube I am offering to arrange a beginners section for them which would be £25 to enter which will allow them to enjoy the buffet lunch and the free tea and coffee. There will be matches without the doubling cube depending on the numbers who enter to be arranged and there will be opportunity to play in the main under 1500 graded knockout with a prize of £30 to the winner and £20 for the runner up. If you would like to enter this you can use the link below to pay for your entry and I will let you know the exact format when I have a better idea of how many players would like to take part in this and gain some valuable tournament experience.

Thank you,

Peter Christmas.

If you want to book a single room next door at the Navigator Hotel phone direct 01243 864844 (option 1) Thelma available 9am to 6pm week days and 9am to 12 pm Noon weekends as online may have restrictions, single £55, double £89 or triple £120.

Last year we had no players from Bognor Regis in the line up, I am glad to say this year the first 2 confirmed players are both from Bognor Regis and I am really please as it is the sort of progress I hoped for.


  1. Simon Fyfe
  2. Mukesk Andani
  3. Sean Clennell
  4. Chris Humble
  5. David Nathan
  6. Paul Christmas
  7. Tim Parfitt
  8. Richard Biddle  +£5 board pool
  9. Crispin Duke + £5 board pool
  10. Ian Judd
  11. Ian North
  12. Bob Young
  13. Robert Perry
  14. Gary Young
  15. Maggie Snow
  16. Michael McGowan   +£5 board pool
  17. Nils Olaf Figenschou
  18. Bill Pope
  19. Rob Daniel
  20. Julie Thornton
  21. Jerry White
  22. Wayne Joseph
  23. Rosalie Johnson +£5 board pool
  24. Jon Barnes
  25. Anna Clarke
  26. Yan Kit Chan
  27. Rich McQuillian
  28. Stuart Rogers
  29. Milo Fell
  30. Martyn McGrath
  31. John Broomfield
  32. David Dennis

Please note the tournament is now full up but let me know if you want to be in reserve as there may well be some players who have to drop out and you can fill their place if I know you are waiting. There is also a beginners tournament I am trying to run along side if there are any takers or maybe an intermediate section if any players above feel they would rather play against players who are not as experienced I may be able to set this up and fill the vacated places with stronger players but it all depends how much interest there is in this.


Pleased to say the 2nd Sussex challenge cup tournament went well, all the players won at least one match which I consider a great success here are the final position and the results can be seen here..



1 Tim Parfitt

2 David Nathan

3 Paul Christmas

4 Rich McQuillian

5 Bill Pope

6 Rosalie Johnson

7 Rob Perry

8 Wayne Joseph




1 Rob Perry

2 Richard Biddle

3 Yan Kit Chan

4 Mick McGown

5 David Dennis

6 Jerry White

7 Bill Pope

8 Martyn McGrath


Last Chance


1 Milo Fell

2 Sean Clennell

3 Jon Barnes

4 Ian North

5 Crispin Duke

6 Rosalie Johnson

7 Jerry White

8 Rob Daniel


1 point Knockout for under 1500 players.


1Julie Thornton

2 Ian Judd

3 Stuart Rogers

4 Mukesk Andani

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Details for the The Sussex Challenge Cup Tournament on the Saturday, 14th of October 2017.

Please to say we got our full entry of 32 players as listed below so a huge thank you to the players who played and hope you will come again next year details about which I will publish here as and when I can arrange something.

My thanks to local Brewer Hepworth’s for agreeing to sponsor our event to the tune of a couple of cases of their fine Sussex ales and there will be some spot prizes for various achievements such as the player traveling the furthest to the venue, which was Edinburgh, and second furthest was Newcastle while the nearest was 7.8 miles so shame we didn’t get a Bognor player attending.

Other prizes included not winning a match, losing to zero and sporting gesture to Bill Pope nominated by first time tournament attending local Dan Sutton.


Main Winner David Dennis £200 plus a Lifetime Membership of Biba + Bibafax Magazine via PDF download from the British Isles Backgammon Association. there will also be Biba Grand Prix and Tour points awarded.

Runner Up John Broomfield received  £100

Semi finalists Julie Thornton and Neil Webb won in the Main £50 each.

Quarter finalists, Ian North, Bob Young, Martin Barkwill, Daniel Rovira

Winner Bob Young Consolation  won £100

Runner up Myke Wignall Consolation won £65

Semi-finalists were Wayne Joseph and Daniel Rovira

Quarter finalists in the Consolation were Anna Price, Chris Churchill, Ian North,  Martin Barkwill

Winner Anna Price Last Chance £50

Runner up was Crispin Duke Last Chance £25

Semi finalists were Peter Willcocks and Ian North

Quarter finalists were Rob Daniels, Nick Goddard, David Broomfield, Gary Brooker

The winner David Dennis (right) and runner up John Broomfield.

sussex cup backgammon

Consolation winner Bob Young

Consolation Runner Up Myke Wignall.

sussex cup backgammon

Last Chance Winner Anna Price and our own Crispin Duke.

sussex cup backgammon

Some other pictures from the day.

sussex cup backgammon

sussex cup backgammon


Many thanks  to you all and the very generous whip round and donations for the tea and coffee which came to nearly £100, most unexpected but very welcome and made all the work of putting on the event very worth while and keen to repeat this.

Cheers and happy rolling to you all. Peter


  1. Peter Willcocks
  2. Martin Barkwill
  3. Neil Webb
  4. Tim Parfitt
  5. David Dennis
  6. Larry Smyth
  7. Crispin Duke
  8. Philip Tutchings
  9. Ian Judd
  10. Ian North
  11. Anna Price
  12. Bob Young
  13. Mick McGowan
  14. Gary Young
  15. Neil Foston
  16. Myke Wignall
  17. Gary Brooker
  18. John Broomfield
  19. David Broomfield
  20. Mitch Egan
  21. Chris Churchill
  22. Dan Sutton
  23. Wayne Joseph
  24. Rob Daniel
  25. Julie Thornton
  26. Bill Pope
  27. Anke Vogelhuber
  28. Nick Goddard
  29. Daniel Rovira
  30. Jo Fennell
  31. Alexander Polden
  32. Alex Handley
    Played at the Waverley Marine Drive West, Aldwick, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2QA


Bognor Tournament for 2018 — 25 Comments

  1. It’s a good idea. I like it. If Biba can assist in any way, let me know.

    Also, Biba will give Lifetime Membership + Bibafax Magazine via PDF download to the winner.

  2. Hi Peter – sounds good – I hope to come to this but can’t confirm yet.
    Kind regards,
    Anna Price

  3. We were backgammon players at biba when it first started but due to my husbands osteoarthritis we had to stop playing in competitions our no were 11 & 12 I think Say hello to Micheal Crane
    For us we now reside in Rustington. May be able to play at a practice session occasionally regards & good luck

    • you are welcome to come along on our club night once a month for a friendly game be lovely to meet you both, sure Michael will remember you fondly.

      • Hi, Brian and Mags.

        So good to hear from you. Sorry to hear Brian’s not too well. How are you both doing, it’s been such a long time since I saw you both.

        If you’re ever in or near Lincoln let me know via


  4. Hi Peter – I have posted a link to this page on Brighton Backgammon Club + Sussex Backgammon League’s Facebook pages – hopefully it will pull a few more players in?

    One thing – may I suggest using for your brackets? Feel free to give me a shout if you need any help with usage.



    • Hi Wayne, I will look at challonge if I get time, only Brighton Player so far is Myke Wignall but hope some will come along as much of it was organised with the less experienced local players in mind.

      • Hi Peter – sorry you couldn’t make it to Sussex Backgammon League meeting last night – you might have been able to rustle up a few more players? Anyway I’ve paid and there are a few more Brighton players coming after seeing my Facebook posts.. Nils, Mitch, Chris plus maybe Mick, Anke, Fiona, Martyn, Nick Goddard and Tim 🙂

        • yes shame I couldn’t get transport last night but be good to see a few more from Brighton, sure they will have a good day.

          • Hi Peter, have made a test bracket at

            Of course the draw for the main should be re-shuffled on the day – it is just to give you an idea of the interface

            Also your Progressive Consolation (whilst excluding the last 4 from the main) format is not supported natively by challonge but I think the headings of the rounds in the lower bracket should reflect your format if I am understanding correctly.

            You have probably got a bracketing system all worked out already, but this is just to give you another option if you like.


          • yes looks good Wayne, I will look at it before the event obviously needs to be secret before people enter the pools but I will see what I can do. Thanks

    • Hi Michael, yes I can put you as first reserve if you want in case someone pulls out or doesn’t show up on the day if you are local, this is limited to 32 players if successful I hope to do it again next year and may be able to take more players.

      • getting towards half full for 2018 tournament, super prize on offer expecting a full house maybe better to join when you know if you can make it..

    • Sorry I never saw your initial reply to probably missed my chance. I am up in London but could come to Hampshire tonight if needed

      • not to worry, as far as I know it is ok and no point coming on the off chance, thanks anyhow hope to run it again next year..