Bognor Tournament for 2017

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Arranging a Bognor Tournament on the Saturday, 14th of October 2017. I have put some team events details below too.

Bognor Backgammon


The Sussex Challenge Cup

Starts 11am 14th of October 2017 (registration open from 10 am)


My thanks to local Brewer Hepworth’s for agreeing to sponsor our event to the tune of a couple of cases of their fine Sussex ales and there will be some spot prizes for various achievements such as the player traveling the furthest to the venue and for any player who fails to win a match, they won’t go away empty handed. We will also have a hard luck award, so the first person who bemoans their luck with dancing on a 1 point board, misses a triple shot or loses to nil can tell me and apart from a sympathetic ear they may get a bottle of ale too.


£15 Early Registration.  £20 on the day

Includes a buffet lunch to be served during the day by the pub and the Trophies

£20 Entry fee returned as prize money. Limited to 32 players if there is a full complement the prize fund should be £640 split to the winners as below.

1st Main £200

Apart from some prizes TBA the winner will get a Lifetime Membership of Biba + Bibafax Magazine via PDF download from the British Isles Backgammon Association. there will also be Biba Grand Prix and Tour points awarded.

2nd Main £100

3rd and 4th Main £50 each.

1st Consolation £100

2nd Consolation £65

1st  Last Chance £50

2nd Last Chance £25


Should there be less than 32 players the prize fund and pay outs will be reduced accordingly.


There will also be side pools for any of the elements of £20, £10 and £5 available on an optional basis. £50 pool if there is a demand for it.


Guarantee your place with a payment of £35 via our paypal link here or you can do a transfer to Bank P G Christmas Sort Code 60-03-08.  Account number 96123532

Send a cheque to Thatched Cottage 28 Fish Lane Bognor Regis PO21 3AH payable to P G Christmas.

Or pay with a credit card via paypal and our online shop at Cottagewebs.

This link opens in a new tab and will allow you pay online use the details above to pay by cheque or bacs, thanks.



Contact Peter Christmas 01243 820565 or 07580561182


I am arranging this Backgammon Tournament  and secured a booking for the Waverley Function Room on the 14th of October hopefully the weather will be warm at least and the Parking is Free all around the seafront. We could have the hall for Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday if people show an interest in this but if not we can just have a one day event for the local players.


If we get some interest from further afield through publicity from the likes of the as they have supported us in setting up this club and will promote events such as a Bognor Tournament to their 300+ members. So there is a hotel next door with 22 rooms which will be very handy for the tournament and with rooms from £49 a night it should be within budget for the backgammon enthusiasts looking to support our event. The hotel next door to the Waverley Venue called the Navigator apart from the single rooms they have doubles with  sea views with balconies etc if you wanted to stay local you can book at

I would like to take into account what the players from around here think, many of them have not been to a tournament before so this could be a great introduction for them and a friendly low cost event could encourage them to go to another tournament and it would be great if we could make it an annual event in Bognor.

If we get the full 32 players the format will be similar to the Coventry Open the Main a straight knockout with a progressive consolation for all dropping out bar the last 4 who will be rewarded and able to compete in the Last Chance which will be an open draw knockout of 3 point matches. The main starts with 7 point matches until the semi-finals which are 9 point matches. Players knocked out of this go into a 5 point consolation tournament and if you get knocked out of this you can play in the last chance 3 point matches. We can always arrange some mini jackpots as long as 4 players want to play or players may want to arrange some chouettes among themselves also. I can also have a open draw Nothing left to play for knockout tournament, there won’t be any prize fund as such but can have a side pool available. 

As a prelude to this have also been in discussion with Rob and Wayne in Brighton and we have played some little tournaments so hoping both clubs will be able to send some players over for this event.

Do let me know if you have any feedback on this such as if you would like to anything on the Friday or Sunday. The registration will be used to buy some trophies and I may be able to arrange a buffet with the pub if we have enough takers so please let me know if you would like to come to this event. I can also lay on some tea and coffee with a donation bucket to cover costs if anyone would like this do let me know so I can arrange with the pub before hand.

Many thanks



  1. Peter Willcocks
  2. Martin Barkwill
  3. Neil Webb
  4. Nils Figenschou
  5. David Dennis
  6. Larry Smyth
  7. Crispin Duke
  8. Philip Tutchings
  9. Ian Judd
  10. Ian North
  11. Anna Price


Players should bring a board if they have one, I don’t want to be too fussy but some players may object if the board is too small like a travel board but anything between 12 to 36 inch (open) should be deemed ok to play on. Players may also bring their own clock if they have one the standard rate of play is 2 minutes per point, ie 7 point match would be 14 minutes bank time with 12 seconds delay per move. Obviously we need to keep matches in line with the schedule, new and inexperienced players may find this difficult and I will try to bear this in mind but we can’t allow one match to throw everything out by dragging on too long. I will try to allow play to flow as much as possible but retain the right to impose a clock on any match that is danger of seriously damaging the schedule of the overall tournament.

Please note that refunds can not be made to late cancellations, i.e. within 4 weeks (09/09/17) unless we have standbys ready to pay in your stead, no shows will not be refunded as any standbys turning up on the day will be allowed free entry to keep the numbers even, hopefully 32.
For the buffet lunch there will be mixed sandwiches, (tuna mayo, cheese (v) gammon & egg mayo) skinny fries, sausage rolls and mini quiches, I will also lay on Free tea and coffee but with an honest box so you can donate towards the cost as I have tried to keep the entry fees down to a minimum to encourage as many first time tournament goers as possible and keep it a great fun event. I will welcome any feed back on this and hopefully next year we will be able to do it again and maybe make it even bigger and better. There is of course a bar which will be happy to serve you any other food and drink you wish to purchase during the day.
There is lots of free parking nearby, especially along the seafront by the beach huts and around Marine Park Gardens but do check you are not in some pay zone or resident parking as I wouldn’t want you to get a parking ticket, check with me if you are unsure.


Bognor Tournament for 2017 — 8 Comments

  1. We were backgammon players at biba when it first started but due to my husbands osteoarthritis we had to stop playing in competitions our no were 11 & 12 I think Say hello to Micheal Crane
    For us we now reside in Rustington. May be able to play at a practice session occasionally regards & good luck

    • you are welcome to come along on our club night once a month for a friendly game be lovely to meet you both, sure Michael will remember you fondly.

      • Hi, Brian and Mags.

        So good to hear from you. Sorry to hear Brian’s not too well. How are you both doing, it’s been such a long time since I saw you both.

        If you’re ever in or near Lincoln let me know via


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